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言語習得も芸術も、感受性が豊かで、吸収率が高い、低年齢から始めることが肝心だと私自身の経験を通して確信しています。そのような中出会ったGem Egg Drawing Studioは、「ナチュラルな英語」と「絵を描く技術」が同時に学べる、国内でも珍しく、チャレンジングなお絵描き教室です。

Looking back my experience, I believe both learning languages and arts should be started in our youth because we have greater sensitivity to absorb them as young as we are. Our “Gem Egg Drawing Studio” offers you drawing/ painting lesson in English; such studio is quite rare here in Japan. 
Children are always enjoying drawing/ painting in the International atmosphere. Let’s join us!


Fukuoka based water-color painter, Ai Yoshimatsu paints mainly dishes with delicate layer using watercolor and Indian ink. Some exhibitions has been held in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

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